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We are Sam and Zach.

Travelers, thrill seekers, foodies, and honeymoon-phasers for life. This is our space to share our experiences as we explore, discover, and learn new things. The name Vagabun was inspired by Sam’s hair; a bouncy bun that kept ending up in all of Zach’s pictures as we traveled (see pic below).
We’ve been able to enjoy some phenomenal life experiences; from swimming in crystal clear waters in Santorini to drinking wine at midnight on the quiet canals in Venice to enjoying luxurious bungalows in Key West (and nursing our sunburns lol!) and we’ve been able to do all of this while working for average salaries in retail. We write about this because we hear this phrase a lot – “we wish we could do that”.

We can help you travel.

Here’s the thing – we all want to travel. But for many of us, it can feel impossible to get started. Things like travel laws and regulations, figuring out what neighborhoods are safe and how to get around once you get to your destination – let alone seeing hefty prices for hotel rooms and flights – can all dissuade us from finally making that leap to travel.

But the joy of travel is always worth it.

We’ve discovered some fundamental keys to traveling that have helped us maximize our travel experiences. Our goal is to figure out how to share that with you – all while increasing our own capacity for travel. We are learning more and more with every trip and every blog! Follow along – it’s time to explore this beautiful world.

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