Top 5 Things to do in Positano, italy

1. Drink Limoncello and eat 

Limoncello is one of the most popular Italian liquors in this area. Southern Italy has the perfect conditions to easily grow Lemons and therefore it’s a specialty in this area as well as around Sicily, and Naples. It’s common for hotels and excursions to welcome you with a glass of Limoncello! If you’re still looking for a place to stay, I’d recommend Florida Residence. It’s where we stayed and is still our most favorite hotel.  

As far as food, Positano will mainly have seafood and Italian places to choose from. Our favorite restaurant in Positano was Ristorante Saraceno d’Oro. They have beautiful outdoor seating area and are open late. We’d usually get their Rocket Pizza which is a cheese pizza with a pile of fresh Arugula on top!

2. Lounge at Lido L’incanto

We all need some relaxation during our vacations! Lay outside and soak up the sun. Our favorite spot to do this was at Lido L’incanto. Located at the end of the Spiaggio Grande beach.

This is where we spent our last day in Positano. Lido L’incanto rents each seat for $40. I know, expensive.. But you get the reservation all day, choose which seats you want, you can order drinks from the concierge, or you can go grab your own food/drink elsewhere and enjoy it at your spot!

This was one of our most favorite days here. There’s something about spending a shit ton of money to get the best seat in the house! We spent the whole day tanning, going in and out of the ocean, grabbing food and coming back, and taking some epic couple pictures that we love to reminisce on.

Pro tip: walking into the water is painful! Their beaches are filled with rocks rather than actual sand. So I’d recommend bringing sandals that buckle or water shoes so you don’t bruise your feet as you go in and out of the water. 

3. Explore the town of Positano

If you don’t feel like exploring other towns, that’s totally fine! Positano is beautiful and perfect in itself. You could easily spend 3-5 days here and not get bored of it. We love to get to know the places that we visit. Understand when the locals get up and go to bed, embrace the busy dinner rushes, and explore the land during the day. There will be plenty to see! 

Pro tip: the town is built VERTICAL. I’m not joking when I say be ready for a workout each day to get back to your hotel. There are stairs that you can take all the way back, or the road. But the road itself is still uphill. We usually took the stairs because even though they were more tiring, it saved you about 10 minutes by not going out of the way to take the street. When looking into hotels, that’d be a good thing to keep in mind is the higher you go for the views, the longer your walk back to your hotel will be. 

4. Visit Capri

Visiting Capri is really popular and worth it. It allows you to visit a nearby island, take a ferry, and do an excursion. There are lots of excursions to choose from through TripAdvisor or GetYourGuide. I’d recommend doing an excursion that takes you to the Blue Grotto. We looked into it and decided against it but looking back, we should have done one.

When you get to Capri you’ll find that it’s a small town that runs on tourism, so lots of restaurants, and souvenir shops.There is one little beachfront area that you can spend time at but you won’t be able to get to the Blue Grotto without doing a separate excursion.

To get tickets to Capri, you can purchase them at the docks on Positano. All places along the Amalfi Coast have booths right at the docks where you can purchase tickets to get to other parts of the Amalfi Coast or to Capri.

5. Visit nearby towns – Amalfi, Sorrento

Best thing to do when along the Amalfi Coast is to go see the Amalfi coast! It will depend on how long you’re there for, and how much exploring or relaxation you want to do. But we’d recommend checking out a couple of towns nearby. Top ones to choose from are Amalfi, Sorrento, or Pompeii. You can get to these other places a couple of different ways – rent mopeds, rent a car, go by bus, or by boat.

Sorrento has more of a Spanish feel to it, lots of orange and tan buildings, quieter streets. Amalfi has more of a tourist feeling to it. More bustling businesses and souvenir shops. Pompeii is a great place to learn some history, get away from the coast for a day, and explore the land a bit more. 


We can’t wait to go back to Positano and explore the Amalfi Coast more! If you have some top sights/things to do in Positano that weren’t listed here, comment below so we can check them out and our fellow readers can add more ideas to their itinerary!

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