Our favorite hotel in Positano, Italy

Our journey to Positano was a long one. We flew, early in the morning, from Venice – where we took a water taxi to the airport – to Naples. From Naples we took a ferry to Sorrento, and from Sorrento we took a ferry to Positano.

Don’t get me wrong – the journey is more important than the destination and all (and anyway, the worst day in Italy is still a day in Italy) – but I’m painting the picture here. Two exhausted backpackers, hot in the summer sun on the Amalfi coast. Lugging along their a week’s worth of travel on their backs (including a beautiful piece of art we purchased in Santorini – but more on that later), climbing the narrow, windy streets in Positano. We arrived at our hotel tired, sweaty, and ready for a drink.

Enter The Hotel Florida Residence.

Photo from their website

Despite being the possibly worst name to choose for a beautiful hotel on the exotic Amalfi coast, this hotel has been my favorite stay in my 8+ years of travel.

The view from our balcony

When we arrived, the front desk associate greeted us each with a glass of Limoncello, which we’d never had before then, and allowed us a seat in their dining area while they insured our room was ready for us. The ladies there were impeccably hospitable, permitting our touristy questions and responding with grace and enthusiasm. I may or may not have knocked over a glass of limoncello, and instead of making it the worst experience of the trip, they refilled my glass, cleaned the mess and assured me it was no problem.

Check out our Positano Instagram stories for more videos about this hotel!

The interior of the Hotel is fairly eclectic yet grounded in tradition – meaning it feels more like you’re staying with your Italian grandma than at a 5-star resort. This is what makes up a lot of the charm here though, and the rooms always felt intentional, precise and clean. When we arrived, they had set out a heart of rose petals on the bed to celebrate our honeymoon!

Our room was spacious, had a beautiful black tile shower with the best water pressure we’d had the whole trip, and a balcony overlooking the entirety of Positano. Here we sat late nights after a day out in the sun, eating the prior day’s cold pizza with a glass of limoncello, listening to street musicians as they serenaded the patrons of nearby restaurants.

In the mornings, we could saunter up to the rooftop deck during sunrise and enjoy complimentary espresso, pastries, and other breakfast items. Breakfast here was advertised as continental but these weren’t the packaged danishes you get at other hotels. They served eggs, bacon, croissants and breads, fruits, and more.

A resident cat became our breakfast buddy each morning as we typically woke up before the other guests.

The hotel is very close to the beach. That said, it is at the crest of a steep, steep hill. We never felt the need to take the bus but the way back up is definitely a climb. We made sure when we left the hotel that we’d have everything we’d need for the day so we only needed to do the trek once. The effort is worth it though, as the way up is a series of windy steps between old Positano homes, restaurants, shops and hotels. It’s beautiful. You’ll also see your fair share of cats.

One of the many cats in Positano


The Hotel Florida Residence

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Sam and I made some incredible memories during our stay at the Hotel Florida Residence. There is not a single thing I would change about our stay here. I think the only consideration I would urge from readers is the steep incline leading up to the hotel from the Positano beach – but this is something you’ll need to consider for any hotel in Positano, as the hillside architecture is one of Positano’s primary appeals.

Stay at the Hotel Florida Residence if you’re looking for incredible views, a low key/laid back feel, and a short (although steep) walk to either of two beaches.

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